Lost Souls

Session 3

The party having dispatched some of the goblins proceeded back to where they’d left the magic mirror to ask it more questions. After some time the came to learn that there was some blight in the caverns although the source was unknown. Immeresse decided that he would haul the 200 lbs. mirror around with him and the party proceeded to confront the spiders that they had scouted out previously. After an intense combat with the spiders the party was almost caught off guard by a strange and mysterious gibbering mouther. Orkai was taken down during the combat but was quickly stabilized after the mouther was taken care of. the party proceeded along and found a large number of goblins cocooned in webs and eventually found a fresh mining area where Hanza found a metal box that was opened with much difficulty. Within they found many small treasures including a rabbit foot choker that Hanza determined was magical and later determined was also cursed. the party proceed back to where the goblin camp was and explored ahead finding strange and depraved goblin scribbling on the walls. Further ahead they found the bloated and diseased bodies of most of the remaining goblins along with some large glowing green crystals. In a small stone shack they found Gom who was malnourished, frightened and almost insane. He told of the crystals evil and the fates of his fellow goblins and relayed that his leader Glob-Glob had taken a piece of the crystals and but it on a stolen necklace. The party, realizing their folly, knew that the necklace was now in the hands of Asmud and Thalmir. The party determined that the mine shaft with the crystals must be collapsed. They did so after looting the remaining mine with Immeresse and Orkai both deftly escaping the falling rocks of the tunnel. The party emerged from the mine with night fresh upon them and made their way to the old goblin fort to rest with Gom and mirror in tow. They realized come morning that Crado was in some serious trouble with black plumes of smoke rising from the profile of the city on the horizon. The party made all due haste and were confronted with a serious spectator at the city gate. after easily dispatching it and fighting the tides of fleeing citizens the party finds themselves at the base of the tower containing the running mole inn.



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