Lost Souls

Session 2

Our heroes having awaken after a refreshing night in the running mole were enjoying some breakfast. They overheard a conversation between a couple of dwarves wherein one dwarf by the name of Gundred mentioned that he was going to look for some hearty mercenaries to clear his mines. Athera decided to show her worth but stealthily grabbing Gundred at knife point but was quickly dispatched and slammed to the ground by the fiery halfling, Rufus. The party then joined with the Dwarf named Adrik and set off to clear the mines of Vosh after agreeing on a payment in advance and a share-stake in the mine. Within the mine the party had found evidence of when the goblins had run out the miners but no other signs of them. As they proceed the found some old blood, of which the party was certain that it was old and blood. The party proceeded further and found themselves staring down a colossal centipede. The party dispatched the creature without too much trouble and found a magic mirror in an adjacent room. after spending about an hour trying to figure the mirrors secrets they eventually realized that the mirror could answer simple yes and no questions relating to what it had seen in the mine. After asking the mirror a number of questions the party proceeded further into the caverns. The were ambushed by a horde of giant wolf spiders and later managed to scout out another location with more spiders. The party decided they’d had enough of spiders and proceeded back towards the entrance of the mines to check a different route. There they met an attractive, smooth-talking Tiefling called Hanza. The party then proceeded down a different route where they found the mine’s old forge and workbenches. The party eventually ran a strife with a party of goblins. They dispatched the goblins and are ready and willing to get up to another fight.



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