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Welcome to the wiki. From here you can find information on the NPCs and places that have been explored in the campaign. On the main page here you can also find the campaign rules.



Rules Having reviewed the world and the game at large here are some of the base rules for the campaign. Characters: All material from the PHB and Elemental evil companion are allowed. Additionally, the class archetypes from SCAG are allowed (not backgrounds). (Some exceptions noted below). Also I am allowing Mathew Mercer's blood hunter class although in this world they are known as Wardens. Also I will have a custom race available in the game called Anthros (animal people) I will finalize their racial traits ect. but if you think you'd like to play one give me a heads up. Also Aasimar from DMG allowed. * Exceptions:* With how the Blight functions in this world certain types of magic are inherently corrupt. As such the school of necromancy as well as the undying patron from both the warlock and blood hunter oath of profane soul are forbidden. Necromancy: The school of necromancy has been broken into two the school of life and the school of atrophy. the atrophy spells are forbidden to player characters and they are as follows: Ray of Sickness Ray of Enfeeblement Animate Dead Bestow Curse Vampiric Touch Blight Contagion Raise Dead Circle of Death Create Undead Harm Magic Jar Finger of Death Clone Alignment: This is a generally good campaign and evil alignments are forbidden. Flight: If you character is able to use wings to fly there must be at least a 30ft ceiling and 10ft on all sides of your character to do so. This limitation does not apply to the fly spell. Fate points: All characters will get access to fate points. These allow for any roll (rolled by Dm or player) to be changed into either a 20 or a 1. Additionally a fate point can be spent to preserve life in the event of character death (albeit you'll have some scars or something to show for it). After a fate point is spent you must roll a d6. on a roll of 1 or 2 there will be some negative consequence on a roll of 3 or 4 there will be no consequence and on a roll of 5 or 6 there will be a great consequence.


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