Lost Souls

Session 3

The party having dispatched some of the goblins proceeded back to where they’d left the magic mirror to ask it more questions. After some time the came to learn that there was some blight in the caverns although the source was unknown. Immeresse decided that he would haul the 200 lbs. mirror around with him and the party proceeded to confront the spiders that they had scouted out previously. After an intense combat with the spiders the party was almost caught off guard by a strange and mysterious gibbering mouther. Orkai was taken down during the combat but was quickly stabilized after the mouther was taken care of. the party proceeded along and found a large number of goblins cocooned in webs and eventually found a fresh mining area where Hanza found a metal box that was opened with much difficulty. Within they found many small treasures including a rabbit foot choker that Hanza determined was magical and later determined was also cursed. the party proceed back to where the goblin camp was and explored ahead finding strange and depraved goblin scribbling on the walls. Further ahead they found the bloated and diseased bodies of most of the remaining goblins along with some large glowing green crystals. In a small stone shack they found Gom who was malnourished, frightened and almost insane. He told of the crystals evil and the fates of his fellow goblins and relayed that his leader Glob-Glob had taken a piece of the crystals and but it on a stolen necklace. The party, realizing their folly, knew that the necklace was now in the hands of Asmud and Thalmir. The party determined that the mine shaft with the crystals must be collapsed. They did so after looting the remaining mine with Immeresse and Orkai both deftly escaping the falling rocks of the tunnel. The party emerged from the mine with night fresh upon them and made their way to the old goblin fort to rest with Gom and mirror in tow. They realized come morning that Crado was in some serious trouble with black plumes of smoke rising from the profile of the city on the horizon. The party made all due haste and were confronted with a serious spectator at the city gate. after easily dispatching it and fighting the tides of fleeing citizens the party finds themselves at the base of the tower containing the running mole inn.

Session 2

Our heroes having awaken after a refreshing night in the running mole were enjoying some breakfast. They overheard a conversation between a couple of dwarves wherein one dwarf by the name of Gundred mentioned that he was going to look for some hearty mercenaries to clear his mines. Athera decided to show her worth but stealthily grabbing Gundred at knife point but was quickly dispatched and slammed to the ground by the fiery halfling, Rufus. The party then joined with the Dwarf named Adrik and set off to clear the mines of Vosh after agreeing on a payment in advance and a share-stake in the mine. Within the mine the party had found evidence of when the goblins had run out the miners but no other signs of them. As they proceed the found some old blood, of which the party was certain that it was old and blood. The party proceeded further and found themselves staring down a colossal centipede. The party dispatched the creature without too much trouble and found a magic mirror in an adjacent room. after spending about an hour trying to figure the mirrors secrets they eventually realized that the mirror could answer simple yes and no questions relating to what it had seen in the mine. After asking the mirror a number of questions the party proceeded further into the caverns. The were ambushed by a horde of giant wolf spiders and later managed to scout out another location with more spiders. The party decided they’d had enough of spiders and proceeded back towards the entrance of the mines to check a different route. There they met an attractive, smooth-talking Tiefling called Hanza. The party then proceeded down a different route where they found the mine’s old forge and workbenches. The party eventually ran a strife with a party of goblins. They dispatched the goblins and are ready and willing to get up to another fight.

Session 1

We began with Immeresse and Orkai meeting up with Athera, the halfling rogue. She had also been aided by Yalmathor and was led out of the forest. With Athera’s great talents tracking the goblins was all too easy. The party tracked them back to a small stronghold amongst a rocky outcrop. Athera proceeded to scout out the location. After reporting what she had found they decided to raid the compound. After some incredible stealth rolls (not helped by the shoddy construction of one of the gates) the party was able to get the jump on the goblin boss and absolutely eviscerated him before he had a chance to react. The party then proceeded to kill 3 goblins and 2 worgs and by some miracle came out unscathed. After they threats had been dispatched the party proceeded to loot the complex, recovering 4 health potions, some small change, and a bear skin rug in the process. The party then refortified the position can claimed it as their own. (party leveled to lvl 2).

The party proceeded on their way to Crado and along the way met a Cat Anthro merchant named Zherzire. Athera Stole his coin purse when he wasn’t looking and the party gained some knowledge of the city from him including that the Prancing Pony was selective about which races it allowed in. After Saying their farewells and entering the city the party then proceeded to watch how Zherzire would enter the city without any money to pay the toll. The witnessed some suspicious activity where Zherzire handed something discretely to the guard. After this the party proceeded to the prancing pony to right the wrongs of racism. Upon ascending a tall spire like building to the 32nd floor via a strange magical platform the party found themselves in the midst of a very well groomed and dressed minotaur. After a bit a few rounds of intense and fiery conversation the party realised there had been a misunderstanding The Prancing Pony did not exclude some from entry because of race but because of height (because of their low hanging pony chandeliers).

After this The party made their way to the running mole to return the necklace. After this the rested and Athera managed to woo the attendant (and her feline husband).

Session 0

Our story began with our heroes living out their ordinary lives in the modern day world. All our heroes, by some stroke of coincidental fate, were on the same bus each for their own reasons. Suddenly, They all witnessed an intensely bright flash of light, followed by shaking heat and then absolute blackness. Our heroes awoke to the sound of bird song and found themselves in a strange forest. As they examined themselves they realized they were ghostly apparitions of their former selves. They did not have long to ponder this as the bore witness to the arrival of the Benuk, gargantuan anteaters, which promptly began to lap up many of the other ghostly figures among them. They all ran finding a break in the Benuk line. After some time they noticed some subtle changes in the forest. One of the Characters climbed a tree and witnessed the Benuk slaughter in one direction and a tree of immense size in the opposite direction. All the heroes then experienced the sound of a voice in their heads telling them to come to the tree. After a while the all agreed and proceeded to the tree. Once they arrived they tree greeted them.Banyan-grove_tree.png

Its name is Yalmanthor , and it had brought them to it so that it may aid them in finding their true forms in this world. They learned how they had come to a new world and how they were not the first to do so. They learned about how at the time of the first Adventis, the first arrival there also came the corruption know as the blight. Yalmanthor has enlisted the party. In exchange for aiding them in finding their true form they will do what they can to end the Blight. After being enveloped in Yalmanthor's fruit the heroes had to confront their greatest regrets and accept them as a form of moving on allowing true acceptance in thus world. In the end one of our heroes was reborn as Orkai, the half-orc Paladin and another was reborn as Immeresse, the Elven fighter. With Yalmanthor 's guidance the party made their way out of the forest and found a road towards Crado . Along the way the came across a small hamlet with a couple buildings on fire and several dead bodies. After searching the hamlet they found an elderly elf yet alive. His name was Thalmir and he explained that they were assaulted by corrupted goblins. The party accepted the old mans last 30 gold in good faith in exchange for exacting revenge on the goblin menace. Upon examining a barn out the back the party found an injured worg. worg_by_thedjib-d573niy.jpg After knocking it out and confirming the Blight present in its system they put it out of its misery and proceeded to find the goblins' tracks.

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